A's to your Q's

What for mat does my logo need to be in?

For Vinyl & DTF orders your logo needs to be in PNG or VECTOR format with a fully transparent background. Any format is fine for Embroidery.

What is a PES file?

A PES file is a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) file that contains embroidery instructions for a sewing machine to stitch a pattern onto a piece of fabric. It stores codes such as “stop,” “jump” and “trim” that make up instructions that direct the sewing machine.

What brand of blanks do you use?

I use AS Colour & Cargo Crew but open to your suggestions.

What size will my logo be?

Pocket size logos are usually 3-4 inches depending on the size of the garment.

Chest size logos are usually 6-8 inches wide depending on size of the garment.

Back size logos are usually 10-12 inches wide depending on the size of the garment.

*For alternative requests, please get in touch

Where will my logo sit?

Logo placement is usually 7.5-9 inches down from the top of the collar for the pocket and approx 3-4 inches down in the centre for the chest and the same for the back.

*For alternative placement request, please get in touch

What size is a 12-14?

Please check the size guides on the individual items.

What is the fabric paper on the inside of the garment?

That is stabiliser. It holds the threads in place. Please don't trim it.

Can I iron my garments?

Please turn them inside out and iron on a low setting. Never iron over embroidery thread or vinyl.

Can you see the stabalizer?

Yes you can on the lighter garments but it holds the threads in place.

How should I was my garments?

Wash garments inside out, place embroidered garments in wash bags to avoid anything getting caught on the threads, wash at 30 degrees or colder, do not tumble dry, lay flat to dry to avoid shrinking.

What are the marks on the garment?

Sometimes the heat press can leave the heat marks or the embroidery hoops leave an imprint. These will disappear after the first wash.

How long will my order take?

Up to 4 weeks plus postage.

Do you offer returns or excahnges?

No unless the item is faulty. Please read everything carefully and triple check your logo and choices before placing your order.

Do you offer mock ups?

I can do mockups on request. Please email me at tasha@thevinylandthreadbar.com

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes discounts are automatically applied at checkout!

Spend MORE & SAVE - Bulk order discounts:

Orders over $500 receive 10% OFF

Orders over $1000 receive 15% OFF

Orders over $1500 receive 20% OFF

Do you ship internatinally?

If you are not located within Australia and would like to place an order, get in touch and we will discuss your options.


Only one can be used at a time. No discounts can be used on Invoiced items.